Mexican Food, A Gastronomy Treasure

Mexican Food Salem Oregon is undoubtedly one of the most recognized worldwide. It’s made up of a series of delicious dishes such as cochinita pibil, pozoles, ahuautle pancakes, tamales, filled chili, guacamole, enchiladas, etc. However, the exquisiteness of such rich, and in many occasions a little spicy, flavors is due to the combination of ingredients of pre-Hispanic and European origin. Join us to learn more about Mexican food!

Mexican food was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010, and we don’t need to explain much, but just say that its taste is simply unbeatable. But why this diversity of flavors and dishes? Let’s start by pointing out that the Mexican food we know today is the result of the combination of ingredients of both pre-Hispanic and European origin.

In the indigenous tradition, we can see that the basic products of Mexican cuisine were: corn, chilies, beans, meat of small animals, birds and fish, frogs and insects, aromatic herbs and seeds. The common forms of cooking were steamed or underground.

As for the European influence, its greatest contributions to Mexican cuisine were spices, tea, and various derivatives such as milk and cheese. However, at the same time European gastronomy grew considerably by including ingredients of Mediterranean origin, such as corn, cocoa, etc.

The traditional cuisine was enriched with European ingredients and vice versa, however, although this diversification continues, foods such as corn or chilies are still the basis, and from there you can create dishes like cochinita pibil or pozole.

One of the standard dishes of Mexican food is the typical tamale. Made from a corn dough, stuffed with different meats, the traditional chili, vegetables or fruits, and wrapped in an ear leaf, it is definitely a dish that is part of any Mexican home and restaurant.

Guacamole is the most common sauce in Mexican food. It’s a thick sauce based on lemon, chili, avocado, tomato, etc. The guacamole is the typical sauce to accompany the tacos, quesadillas, and thanks to its incredible flavor can perfectly accompany almost any dish.

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Another dish of Mexican cuisine known worldwide is quesadillas. They are corn tortillas that are folded in half and filled with melted cheese, but today we can find them filled with more ingredients, such as shrimp, mushrooms, meat, chicken, and many more ingredients.

Enchilladas are a fundamental part of Mexican gastronomy. The omnipresent corn tortilla rolled up, filled with chicken or cheese and covered with some sauce, this dish goes back to the time of the Indians, and is still one of the favorites of the Mexicans. There are versions of all kinds, with meat, beans, vegetables or seafood, and covered with various sauces, some of which (the least) are not spicy. It is common for them to come with some kind of garnish, which can change depending on the area where it is prepared.

Certainly Mexican gastronomy is growing more and more every day. A proof of this is the incredible Mexican chefs like Carlos Gaytán, Cosme Aguilar, among many others who have won Michelin stars for their incredible Mexican food salem food, taking that delicious taste all over the world. Therefore, today we can enjoy a delicious Mexican meal practically anywhere.