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How Healthy is Mexican Food – Info

When you ask most Americans when they last eat Mexican food, it’s usually in the last week. In the United States, Mexican food has become very popular. The question is that in America, Mexican food is not the same as in Mexico. Extra fat and extra-sized meals are introduced by Americans. You may not even notice the same dishes if you go down to Mexico because the dishes are made in America. Authentic Mexican cuisine is abundant in fresh vegetables, meat, and vitamins and spices that are nutritious.

Taco Bell comes to mind as a popular Mexican food chain. Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are to be found. Citizens in Mexico do not usually eat big tortilla chip plates in their daily meals. It’s not very safe because of the food sold in the U.S. America’s Mexican dishes are not as nutrient-rich. This contains high fat, high calories and sodium. It does not produce as many fresh vegetables as it does.

Most of Mexico’s traditional dishes have less fat and calories. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy American restaurants serving food. Further healthy foods can be added to the pan. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and have cancer-fighting properties of lycopene. Most Mexican dishes can be followed by tomatoes. Beans contain high levels of protein and fiber. Instead of eating the refried beans, seek to get them all. It takes the fat back. Corn is another vegetable in Mexican food that is safe. This provides high levels of vitamins and protein. It will make them better than what you are served at Taco Bell by adding these to your Mexican food.

You may wonder if people are eating healthier foods in Mexico. In America, we have the option to go to health food stores where we can find non-fattening organic foods and snacks. The only drawback is that when they shop, not everyone can afford to buy these foods. There are safer choices available in Mexico. Every year, Mexico’s health food market makes more than $500 million. Consumers make up 5% of the population of Mexico. Their age range is between the ages of 20 and 50. Generally they live in metropolitan areas and can afford to buy healthier foods of this kind. They still don’t get all the fats and calories we see in American foods, especially fast foods, if they can’t afford it. Authentic Mexican foods also carry a lot of vegetables and spices that are good for your body, as well as a healthier way to cook the food.